Rivers of London

I am a YouTube freak. Despite being 26 year old (and as my husband says should ‘grow up’) I love watching people’s haul videos and vlogs, especially when they recommend books!

My favourite Youtuber is Tanya Burr. She is such a down to earth girl and is the same age as me so I feel I can really relate to her. She reads a lot and always recommends great books both in her vlogs and in her favourites videos.

In one of her videos last year, she mentioned an author new to me called Ben Aaronovitch. She described his books as being a mix between The Bill and Harry Potter and instantly I ordered his first novel ,’Rivers of London’, from Amazon.

From the first chapter I was hooked. The story is about Peter Grant, a constable who is on probation and undergoing training but his boss does not seem too impressed with him. Upon dealing with his first murder case, he desperately tries to track down a key witness which leads him into the weird and wonderful world of magic and discovers that the Metropolitan Police has a special department that deals with such matters. The story is amazing and is a real page turner. Although she elements appear a little far-fetched even for my vivid imagination, like people’s faces falling off when they come into contact with dark magic, it is still an amazing read.

I have now ordered the next two in the series and cannot wait to read them! I would give this book 9/10, only losing one point for the sometimes hard to follow dramas of people losing their face.


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