Something a little different..

Hi everyone

So this month has found me very busy and I have hardly had time to read let alone review books! However I come to you today with a slightly different book to one that I might usually read.

To put this book into context, during a meeting at a local independent Bookstore (shout out to the lovely Richard at Drake’s Bookshop in Stockton!) I was left to my own devices while the owner served a customer. He had left several books on the table from our discussion as one book in particular attracted my attention. The book was called “The Day the Crayons Quit”. Immediately I was intrigued.

This fabulous book is a short children’s book about one certain day that a small boy named Duncan looks in his pencil case to find notes from all of his crayons. The book progresses with each crayon in turn explaining their personal grievances e.g.  the red crayon feels overworked as he is used all year round where as the pink crayon is only ever used by his younger sister to colour in the dresses of Princesses and that this needs to change.

crayons 2

Despite being 26 years old, I fell in love with the story. Sadly, I have no little people to buy this for but I cannot recommend it enough for anyone who has children in their lives who love a bed time story.

Enjoy xx


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