A Bookworm’s Dream..

Being a lover of books can be hard. If you love shopping, there are shop everywhere to be seen. If you are a History buff, every city had museums and heritage sites which you can visit to get your fill. However, if you love books and getting lost in the wonderful world of stories, where does one go other than your own cosy home or the quiet corner of your favourite coffee shop?

Well, I can now tell you. If you live in the UK or ever travel here from across the globe, there is a wonderful place in Alnwick, Northumberland that is the perfect place. Barter Books. This amazing place, although marketed as a book shop, is just so much more. As you walk in to this old train station, you are greeted with the amazing smell of books, coffee and cake as well as a roaring fire. After browsing the shelves which contain thousands of second hand books in the best condition I have ever seen, you can take a seat next to the fire and flick through your potential purchases while enjoying a coffee and a cookie after a small donation to their honesty box. If, like me, you could spend the whole day there you can also visit their coffee shop for sustenance to keep you going on your shopping adventure.

I  can honestly say that this is my favourite place in the UK. It has that perfect cosy vibe that every book lover would want from a book shop, the books have been carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and the selection on offer is second to none. I have always dreamed of having my own bookshop and when one day I do, I hope it to be just like this.

As an extra note, they also buy books which is worth considering if like me you would love to keep all of your books but your house only has so many rooms to fill. At least you will know that they are going to a good home.

If you are ever in the North of England, please visit this amazing shop and let me know what you think! (p.s sorry for the reflection in the photo, I took this from the car on my last visit!)




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