Welcome back to Hogwarts…

Like most 90s children, from a young age I fell in love with Harry, Ron and Hermione and wanted nothing more than for my Hogwarts letter to land on the door mat. Sadly, that didn’t happen, however every time I opened one of the books I was immediately transported into J K Rowling’s magical world where anything was possible and being a clever girl was not a bad thing but actually saved lives at times.

So when I heard that an eight book was being released I was SO EXCITED, although also sceptical of the fact that the book was to be a script and not a novel.

I am only half way through the book, but it has not disappointed so far. After only a few pages you forget that you are reading a script and you can read it just like you would have the Philosopher’s Stone and the characters have remained true to themselves which I love. Hermione is still the cautious but clever friend, Harry remains brave but loyal to his home Hogwarts and Ron is just Ron! And what is even better is that their children are not at all as predictable as you may think. Despite being the child of Harry Potter, his second son Albus in fact ends up very unpopular, best friends with Draco Malfoy’s son and in SLYTHERIN! I also really like the fact that the story opens where the last one left off, one Platform 9 and 3/4 with all three families about to board the train.


I cannot put this book down and don’t want to reach the end as I know there will probably not be another, however what I also love is that the release of this book and the hype around the West End show has given the stories a new lease of live and has resulted in a next generation of Hogwarts students who love the books just as much as I always have.

Overall, I love the story line and despite reading a few bad reviews I cannot recommend this book enough for any Harry Potter fan!

Ignore the muggles, buy this book!



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