My Top 5 Books

I thought that I would make today’s post slightly different. I have been sorting out my beloved books this weekend before I go about buying anymore, and I came across some of my favourites that I thought might be nice to share. I have such a wide variety of tastes when it comes to reading and am usually open to trying everything at least once, whether it be teen fiction, crime or a self-help book (nothing too tragic though!).

So here are my top 5 books (or series) so far from my 26 years of life.

  1. The Harry Potter Series
  2. The Girl on the Train
  3. Rivers of London
  4. The Hobbit
  5. Animal Farm

I love these books for so many different reasons and here are the long-winded explanations as to why. I hope you keep reading!

My love affair with Harry Potter began when the first book came out in 1997 when I was Seven years old. I had always been a bookworm at school and, as you can imagine, was bullied for it. Although I write today proud of my education and my degree certificates of which there are now three, at the time it was hard. When I fell into the world of Hogwarts, I realised that even the hero of a story is not always perfect and sometimes a nerd is needed to save the day just as much as a strong and brave person. I Identified with Hermione’s brains and intellect, Ron’s clumsiness and ability to always say the wrong thing at the wrong time and Harry’s difficult family life having no parents myself. It was, as it, my first love. Always.

The Girl on the Train, as I have previously written out, found me when I had some down time from work and was able to dedicate several lovely hours to reading. I finished this book in two days as I could not wait to find out what happened and it did not leave me disappointed. As I said in a previous blog, it is a real page turner and I cannot recommend it enough.

The Rivers of London series came from an initial recommendation from a friend who described it as ‘an irresistible mixture of magic and crime, like Harry Potter meets Police Interceptors. She was right. Admittedly it does take a while for you to make sense of people’s faces falling off and rivers being people, however the stories are gripping and I cannot wait to read the rest in the series throughout the winter.

The Hobbit has a very nostalgic feel for me. When I was nine or ten, I was staying at my Nana’s house and I had forgotten my reading book much to my dismay. My Nana was a lady who very much loved her dramas and romances and so her book shelves were full of Jilly Cooper and not stories that a nine year old girl would enjoy. Nevertheless she allowed me to have a peep and choose a story to read for the couple of nights that we were staying for. At the end of the shelf, I discovered a very old book that smelled divine in an old red leather cover. It was called ‘The Hobbit’. I asked my Nana what exactly a Hobbit was and her reply was ‘Like me dear, love their food and a little fat around the middle!’. By the next morning I had already read ten chapters and had fallen in love with each character. I still love it to this day and although my Nana has now passed, I thank her for introducing me to The Shire.

Finally, Animal Farm. At the age of Eleven and in Year 6, I  took my SATS. I was awarded all Level 6s and was asked to take advance tests to see what I could achieve which led me to achieving that equivalent of Level 7 in English (although definitely not in Maths). When asked by my mother who was around at the time what I would like as a gift, I asked for a book. A book my teacher had talked about that sounded just lovely about a Pig who was in charge of lots of other animals. Animal Farm. Ironically I would grow up to study for both an undergraduate and Masters degree in History and during this time learnt that this darling pig and his friends were actually telling me the story of the Russian Revolution, but at the time I found each character fascinating and it remains a key text on my book shelf.

I hope that you might take the time to try some of these stories, and let me know your top books too.



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