A wonderful road to travel..

I have been a huge fan of Bill Bryson for years. From reading his books to listening to his talks as a student at Durham University, I have always found him so interesting and inspiring.

So, when I heard that earlier in the year he had brought out a new book, I bought it ASAP!

This new book, The Road to Little Dribbling, is a wonderfully insightful book which documents an Americans’ adventures around the UK. It follows the ever so popular ‘Notes from a Small Island’ which captured the hearts of the nation and followed Bill Bryson as he became familiar with the surroundings of the country he was now to call home. From the frightful Arriva buses and the people that he encounters on them, the magazines he comes across in the seat pockets documenting the life of so called celebrities like Katie Price to his views on British cuisine and the beautiful British countryside, it is a truly wonderful read. He visits different places from the first book, experiences many new sights and all while trying to gain his British Citizenship which appears to be so hard that not even a British person with a Masters in History like myself could pass!


I am, and always have been, very proud to be British. However this book enhanced this pride as it reminded me of how beautiful our wonderful little island is and how much history lives within these isles.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good laugh, enjoys a bit of history and is equally proud of the lovely little land which we call Great Britain.



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