A spooky day out…

So this month I have decided to change my blog slightly. I love writing about books and authors, but as part of my job I also visit lots of attractions and places that I would love to share with anyone who is interested in the strange, unusual and beautiful places we have in the UK.

I have always been interested in the paranormal. I’m not sure to what extent I actually believe in spirits, but I have always felt that buildings can be changed by those who used in live in them. In the summer, I visited Northumberland with my husband and we decided to visit Chillingham Castle, the most haunted building in Britain. We didn’t do any reading before we went as we usually would as I didn’t want other people’s experiences to cloud my own judgement and make the imagine things that weren’t actually there. Needless to say, no imagination needed.

When we first entered the castle, it has a spooky air about it however we visited many of the state rooms including an old dungeon and felt little other than suspicion. However, upon entering the torture chamber my opinion changed. Although a very hot sunny day, the room was freezing cold. I immediately felt immense pressure on my shoulders as if someone was pressing down on me and I couldn’t breathe properly. I could just feel that something bad had happened there. When myself and my husband got home that evening, we read through our visitor pack which included what each torture instrument was used for and how many deaths they had seen. We are now looking to stay overnight and take part in one of their ghost walks to find out more!

if you are interested in the paranormal and live in/are visiting the UK, this place is a must visit!!! The scones in the cafe aren’t bad either!!



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