He’s back!

So it’s been a while since I last blogged, sometimes sadly life gets in the way of me spending all of my time reading…how rude!

However, in every spare second that I have had, I couldn’t resist Ben Aaronovitch’s next instalment of the Rivers of London series ‘Moon over Soho’. After finishing the first book, I had decided to read a few different genres as I like to mix things up, however while reading these other titles I found that PC Peter Grant was always in the back of my mind. Would Lesley be OK? Would Peter end up with one of the River daughters or would be settle for a woman on dry land? How many more people’s faces would fall off in London until someone caught on to the presence of magic? I needed to know, I needed some magic in my life once again!


We meet Peter again having just recovered from his first serious case which ended badly (however I will avoid spoiler alerts) and with his boss and potential love interest still injured. As his master is resting, magical crimes fall to Peter to solve and this time it involves the single biggest passion of his Father’s: Jazz music.

Once again, I found myself going to work with bags under my eyes due to staying up late desperate to find out when the next murder will happen. The story is so well written that you have empathy for all of the characters for different reasons, even Molly the weird housekeeper at the Folly who appears to be part vampire and part minder for Nightingale.

Admittedly I am sometimes dubious about sequel novels as I have rarely found a series where each book is just as good as the last. Ben Aaronovitch is the exception to this rule. The story line, the characters and the writing remains just as gripping as the first page of ‘Rivers of London’ and I can safely say that I have already put the rest of the series firmly on my Christmas list.

10/10 and definitely recommended! xx



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