Hidden Theories of Hogwarts

Since the first Harry Potter book was published, fans across the world have been coming up with weird and wonderful theories regarding the characters and the plot. As a huge fan myself, I thought that I would look into some of the more famous ones and see if there really are secrets of Hogwarts that even Harry never found.

  1. The Prophecy of Professor Trelawney – The prophecy stated that “either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives”. Harry himself and most fans took this to mean that either he must kill Voldemort or vice versa. However many people have since discussed the possibility that neither of them can be killed by anyone else, meaning that Harry fighting Voldemort was even more selfless than we first thought as it made him immortal and he will therefore never be reunited with his lost family members. Although it saddens me, I see it fitting that having struggled so much Harry will continue to struggle even without Voldemort. He never seemed set for a fairy tale ending.
  2. The Abuse of the Dursley’s – Throughout the story, we see Harry being treated terribly by his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. It has always been said that this was due to Petunia being embarrassed that there is magical blood in her family. However fans have since argued that they were acting under the influence of a horcrux – Harry. Remember when Ron turned nasty when he was wearing the locket? It seems plausible that as Voldemort’s final horcrux, Harry caused the Dursley’s to have a reaction against him which made them act out and treat him harshly.
  3. The Three Brothers – It has long been argued that the Three brothers in the story of the Deathly Hallows represents Voldemort (obsessed with power), Snape (obsessed with his lost love) and Harry (who greets death like an old friend). However in recent years, it has been argued that Dumbledore is therefore death as Harry greets him in Kind’s Cross Station the night that the horcrux part of him dies. I love this theory and see it to be convincing due to the fact that when all three die, Dumbledore is always close by. Plus his knowledge of all and ability to embrace the death of others without fear makes it pretty convincing!
  4. Dementors – Why are they so obsessed with Harry? Online fans across the world have theorised that it is due to the fact that Harry has ‘more soul’ than anyone else as he has his own plus one 8th of Voldemort’s. They can sense this which makes him a target as he has some to spare! (makes sense if you ask me)
  5. Did Voldemort kill himself? – An interesting concept. Although we clearly see Voldemort’s final moment at the hand of Harry, Voldemort could technically be responsible for his own demise. Five of his eight horcruxes are destroyed by Basilisk Venom, a beast which he kept in the Chamber of Secrets. The diadem was destroyed by a spell that the Death Eaters taught Crabbe and Goyle, Nagini was killed by Neville after being sent off by Voldemort to find Harry even though throughout the story he never leaves Voldemort’s side and finally the horcrux within Harry is killed by Voldemort’s own spell. In short, other wizards got the credit but really it was Voldemort’s own bad planning that saw his own death! Sorry Voldemort, prior planning prevents poor performance!


These are just five of my favourite theories which I genuinely believe could be true, there are many more out there which range from the possible to the ridiculous. I would love to know any theories you have yourself or might have heard.

Mischief managed xx


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