Delightful Dickens

At this time of year, I love nothing better than settling down with a good book. The weather in the UK is freezing cold, most of us are all spent up from buying many Christmas gifts for friends and family and we’ve all eaten way too much to even consider trying to migrate from our PJ’s into actual clothing.

In the spirit of honesty, during the Christmas break I usually turn to my old friend Harry Potter. I find the books so comforting, I know them so well that if I do happen to fall asleep I can easily pick the story back up and the thought of Hogwarts at Christmas makes me feel warm and happy.

However, this year I decided to make a change and go for a classic. I remember being a young girl and watching ‘A Christmas Carol’ with my Grandma and loving the idea that even someone as miserable as old Scrooge can change with a little bit of Christmas spirit (quite literally!). So, upon a visit to Corbridge with my husband that weekend, I stumbled across a small independent book shop and couldn’t believe my luck when I found the exact story I was looking for in a beautiful limited edition cover. This particular edition features all of the Christmas stories that Dickens ever wrote and it’s fantastic! I can honestly say that I forgot what an amazing author Dickens is.

So far, I have only tackled ‘A Christmas Carol’ which I finished last night (28th December) however I am ready to move on to a new tale this evening. The story was just as magicial as I remembered and taught me a few new things myself: no matter how you might have acted in the past or present, that doesn’t have to dictate your future (deep I know, but so true!)

I have included some links below for where you can find this spell-binding edition, just in case you might have some Christmas money left over!

Merry Christmas xx


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