My Top 5 Books of 2016

It seems to be that time of year when we start to reflect on the year which has passed and the brand new 365 days lying in wait. 2016 was a great year for books, so I thought that I would share my top 5. Please feel free to share your favourites below in the comments, happy new year!

  1. The Girl on the Train – probably an obvious starting point, however this book was undeniably fantastic! The story moves along so fast that you don’t want to stop reading and the twists and turns along the way are both exciting and completely unpredictable. I recommend this book to anyone who will listen and can honestly say that I had no idea how it would end. I must also add that the film adaptation isn’t half bad either!
  2. The Book Thief – although this book didn’t come out in 2016, this is when I decided to select it from my bookshelf as my book of choice that week. The idea that the story is being told by death gives the book a unique twist and seeing the world of Nazi Germany through his eyes and those of a young girl gives the history that most people are aware of a fresh and interesting angle. A must read for any history buff!
  3. The Cuckoo’s Calling – when I first saw the Comoran Strike series, as mentioned in a previous blog, I wasn’t interested as I didn’t know what to expect. However after many recommendations I gave it a go. J K Rowling (Robert Galbraith) keeps the story moving with such pace while also endearing the reader to each and every character that it is simply fantastic. There is also no sign of Hogwarts anywhere, showing what a truly talented author she is!
  4. Rivers of London series – again a favourite on my blog however I have now read two novels from the Ben Aaronovitch series and have ordered the rest! The stories are a perfect blend of magic and crime all set in the beautiful streets of London. Admittedly it does take time to get into the plot what with people’s faces falling off due to curses etc however they are well worth a read and I can’t wait for the rest of series to arrive on my doorstep.
  5. Mindset – I am the ultimate worrier. I worry all the time and when I have nothing to worry about I worry some more! So when my GP recommended this book by Carol Dweck I was dubious as nothing has ever helped me. However, this book goes into the science of the mind and how people are of two different mindsets and this determines how you live your life. By the end of the book, I felt that I knew myself better and that I also knew how I could make a conscious effort to change. If you’re into self-help books, this could be for you.

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