My first book of 2017..

As I’ve previously mentioned, I love to watch YouTube videos to get recommendations for everything from books and authors to beauty and lifestyle. So, when some of my favourite YouTubers started to upload their ‘What I Got For Christmas’ videos, I was excited to get some tips on new authors.

This is how I came across Neil Gaiman. I had heard his name before, however I am 26 (27 next week eek!) and I questioned whether his books would be for me after being told that generally they are more teenage mystery than adult. However, after enjoying some of the books recommended in the Zoella book club which are also pitched at teens and young adults, I thought I would give his books a go!

The book I chose was ‘The Ocean at the End of the Lane’. The cover and the title interested me and I love a good mystery!


Sadly, for me my first book of 2017 wasn’t what I had hoped. After reading the first five chapters, I couldn’t picture anything at all. I couldn’t imagine what the characters looked like, the places or the monsters which is really important for me. I just couldn’t get into the story at all which is unusual for me as I am such a fan of mystery and fantasy. That’s not to say that others wouldn’t enjoy it and in fact, after giving up after chapter 7 which is very unlike me, I passed it to a friends’ daughter who is 12 and she loved it! So at least I managed to find a new owner who appreciated it, that person just wasn’t me.

So…lesson number one of 2017 for this book worm: Teenage/Young adult fiction is not really for me. I have become old, and I am now embracing it.

Let me know what you think if you have read this book or any more from Neil, maybe I gave up too soon!



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